Milk and Honey Foods | Our Story

What makes mommy (and daddy) happier? When our precious children have been provided with the best. Parents need to take extra special care to make sure that their dietary needs are met. To accomplish happy tummies, it takes effort and time. We took the privilege to establish it in your home.

Our Story

Everything beautifull and pure is from Heaven above and I never imagined that this project in my own home would have become such a reality and understanding what is lackingin our community. My husband and I, both working parents at that stage, had to cook for our little one in the evenings after work and what I can remember, it took us hours just to prepare a healthy and nutritious meal or two and not mentioning the physical exhaustion after 2-4 hours cooking.

Homemade Frozen Food is my calling and it became a passion for what is good, healthy and meant to be perfect in life. Family is for us one of the most important parts of life and what each and everyone need to live in abundance to our fullest include good healthy nutrition

Now, when I look back and see how My Father in Heaven took me on this amazing path to discover what is making the human race to become ill and children with more and more chronic illnesses like diabetes and obesity.

Elohim opened my eyes one a new adventure of nutrition and healthier way of living. I am in awe to discover what makes our bodies to become toxic and I need to share it with the whole world. My hope is that whoever discovers the truth will take it seriously and make a decision to make this a life-style of everyday living to a better and healthier you and your family. Elohim changed my life and those who took it seriously, forever.

What is more devastating than a parent bringing coke or ice cream to a sick child in hospital? Milk and Honey, makes balanced meals that fill a child's tummy with nutritional food with the latest discoveries.

Discipline and good routines help our children to develop good habits that will benefit them when they grow older. What more amazing gift can you give your child than to ensure that they are happy, healthy and have a strong body and mind? So mommy, no more worries how and what to feed your children.

We at Milk and Honey want to take the frustration of not having time as a working or busy mom tomake balanced meals for your precious ones. we not only cater for babies starting on solid foods, but also for toddlers, lunches after school, between activities and light snacking for the lunch box. Homemade, frozen, balanced meals are convenient.